Curriculum Development

The first phase of Flourish is focused on the development of curriculum. We will be looking for focus groups to provide feedback and contributions in the Summer of 2017. If you have experience with the foster care system, anti-trafficking advocacy, or trauma recovery – please let us know if this may be of interest to you and/or your organization.

Flourish Church Network

We are creating a nationwide network of certified churches who are emotionally equipped and educated for receiving traumatized women and children into their communities and individual families.

Wrap-Around Professional Care

Flourish will work to build partnerships between certified churches and local service providers in providing assistance with case management, therapeutic expertise, and supervision of recovery.

Trauma-Informed Training

Flourish will implement training courses in churches, non-profits, and community groups who seek to be equipped for familial relationship with women and children in trauma recovery. Flourish will assess client intakes and screenings of placements. Certified host families become primary care agents, while having a support system within the church, local providers, and Flourish.

For All Ages

Family is essential for lifelong growth and thriving, as well as it being the highest expression of God’s kingdom and heart. Transformation of personal identity, self concept, and bio-social-physical health comes through relationship to family. We provide post-placement counsel and consultation for host families/close friends.

Discover Your Role

Recovery from sexual exploitation is like a rebirth into the world. Safe relationships are needed for her present growth, as well as un-learning much of what consisted in her previous world. This requires many people in many degrees of relationship to her. Through Flourish courses, organizations will gain tools in identifying their prospective roles and become equipped to walk in them.